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When wheat and tomato meet for an early dinner, cheese invites itself, parsley and basil tagging along. Go ahead. Hold hands. Kiss. This is a date you don’t want to miss.  


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How unhappy the worm, eyeing a bird, knowing it cannot fly – unless… Unless. #KatherinesCoffeehouse

The Summer of Our Content

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Now was the summer of our content, made possible by the sun, and here we lay, and here we slept, bothered by no one, besides Sir Winter happening into our dreams. Where goes warmth when that knight comes? Where go lazy thoughts? Quickly, now. Get quilts out of hiding. The just-in-case days are arriving. #KatherinesCoffeehouse


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In the 80’s, there, in row 103, me, lighter raised, like everyone else in praise of music. But mine – I make it dance for me. #KatherinesCoffeehouse


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By Katherine Gotthardt Maybe you’re supposed to detach from life’s thick ooze in order to recover. Is that what I’m doing? I don’t feel saved. Don’t pray for me. Don’t bother. Put your prayers on a train, hope for enough fuel. Because that’s the last thing we need. Another wreck.   #KatherinesCoffeehouse #PoemsAroundTown See this…

Now Accepting Locations for Poetry Installation

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Hi readers! In conjunction with Write by the Rails, I am doing an area-wide poetry installation. The goal is to encourage people to stop and read a piece of literary art they might not otherwise even glance at, something short that will get them thinking in a different way. It works very simply: I create…


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When day looms long, heart too small to hold it, Earth, too, pensively looking at the stars, I find it works to encourage a reluctant smile. See how the universe grins back? “Oh, my darling Did you believe for one moment I’d divorce you? You are my beloved. Come now. Step closer. Let us renew…



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This train wreck? Look closely. A hand reaches from the rubble. Take the trouble to reach back. Be the conductor. #KatherinesCoffeehouse #PoemsAroundTown See this poem live at Manassas City Hall.

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Heading Up

By Katherine Gotthardt | April 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

Do we all get where we’re headed? I’d like to believe I do. I’ve held a cold hand or two, rubbed a few backs, running my fingers, lightly, from illness’s base up to where it all ends. See, it’s a paradox. We come out top to bottom, but mortality begins at the foundation, works its…

Monday Unhanded

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This Monday morning, pear blossoms tumbling with the wind, white cloud grounded, blue sky clapping with one hand. Well done. #KatherinesCoffeehouse #PoemsAroundTown See this poem live at Imagine.