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Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt, M.Ed., seeks to support community initiatives and non-profits while promoting writing as an art. From her D.C. metro home, she pens award-winning poems, articles, flash fiction and books published independently and traditionally. Read more about this prolific author and her work.

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt

Support Community Giving

An avid volunteer and believer in giving back, Katherine Gotthardt uses proceeds from her book sales and creative workshops to support nonprofits and community giving initiatives. Sponsors and partners are also encouraged to participate. There are many ways to sponsor and/or partner. For details, email Katherine.

We All Might Be Witches

NEW FROM MACKENZIE PUBLISHING!  What if the world – and everyone in it – were more magical than we thought? That is the premise of this illustrated chapbook of micropoems inspired by Gotthardt’s adult son who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other disabilities. All proceeds from We All Might Be Witches benefit programs serving youth with autism, emotional and/or cognitive disabilities.

Thirty Years of Cardinal Calling

FROM SAN FRANCISCO BAY PRESS! The cardinal has long been a spiritual symbol, one of messages sent by divine power, and much lore surrounds this iconic, vibrant bird whose colors and voice evoke emotion, memories and meaning. Thirty Years of Cardinals Calling represents all the cardinal embodies, alongside Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt’s past thirty years of publishing poetry. Proceeds benefit community give-back initiatives.

Get Happier, Dammit

AWARD WINNER!  A handbook for creating greater happiness by building inspiration and motivation. Each short chapter includes an essay, exercises and poetry designed for creatives, caregivers and anyone who wants to increase quality of life. Get Happy, Dammit and Get Happier, Dammit have won the hearts and minds of readers seeking something different. Proceeds benefit non-profits and community initiatives.

A Crane Named Steve

AMAZON BEST SELLER! An illustrated, epic children's poem featuring a young child who is told the family needs to move and who finds comfort from an unusual friend - a crane who holds a real-life backstory. With full color illustrations and a coloring book version, this story delights all audiences. Proceeds from A Crane Named Steve benefit charities in the greater Prince William, Virginia area.

Award-Winning Writer & Educator John Dutton

Get Happier, Dammit

Katherine Gotthardt is a spark plug in a world of sluggish engines. She tells you how to thrive in a fast-paced world where there is no time for yourself. This book is a must for teachers and parents!

United Nations Award Winning Poet Brian Donnel James

Thirty Years of Cardinals Calling

Katherine Gotthardt’s literary art can best be described as heart moving, lovely…it is both warm and friendly. She instantly connects to the soul and leaves you inspired.

PWC Poet Laureate Emerita Kim B. Miller

We All Might Be Witches

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt’s poems are like a symphony of imagery. She takes you on a poetic journey. Her pen envelops wisdom and strength.

Author & Poet Author Nancy Wyatt

Late April

Whether it’s about technology, health, loss of a mother, nature’s seasons, or aging, Katherine has a unique way of expressing the joy, complexity, irony, grief, and humor of living life in the modern age. Her work is sprinkled with literary, historical, and religious references, giving depth and texture to her creative imagery. She can sting and soothe with equal facility and usually has a surprise in store for her avid readers. A must read.

Reviewer Jennifer El-Shewihy

A Crane Named Steve

Such a cute story with an equally wonderful backstory...(found at the back of the book). Not only did Steve the Crane give joy through rough traffic and accidents on a daily basis, for a short amount of time, but it's a terrific story for kids whose family talks about moving (Steve moves a lot too).

Author & Educator Garrett Carlson

Bury Me Under a Lilac

Katherine has an incredible ability to harness and expose the emotions that all of us might be too afraid to share. She's soon going to be everyone's next favorite poet.

The Latest

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Award Nomination - We All Might Be Witches has been nominated by MacKenzie Publishing for a 2024 Library of Virginia Literary Award in the poetry category.

Publication: "Backstories" by Poem Alone, Rancid Idols Productions, Ireland and UK. Poem Alone features one poet, one poem per week.

Upcoming Publication: "Shall I Tell You" will be published by HNDL Magazine this summer. HNDL stands for Highlighted Neurodivergent & Disabled Life. Based in the UK and midwest US, HNDL is an "Autistic-run Magazine featuring work of neurodivergent, disabled and chronically ill creatives."
"Lifecycle" will be published by ONE ART Aug. 25, 2024

Projects and Events

2024 - Katherine is her building portfolio of new work to be published as a collection later this year or early 2025. Stay tuned!

April 2024 - Hear Katherine read three poems, alongside other poets, on The Attic open mic, hosted by @deep_entropy.

Where Else to Go

Poets & Writers Directory - You can find Katherine in the Poets & Writers international database.

Virginia Poets Database - Read more about Katherine's extensive publishing history and creative work here in this literary and educational database launched by Virginia's 20th Poet Laureate, Louisa A. Igloria.

Substack - Subscribe to Katherine's email updates or follow her work on Substack.

All Poetry - Follow Katherine's work, offer feedback, and publish your own poems.

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