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Poems from the Battlefield

Poems from the Battlefield

A collection of original Civil War themed poetry based on Katherine's exploration of the local battlefields and museums in Manassas and Prince William County, VA.


Furbily-Furld Takes on the World

An illustrated, epic children's poem focused on themes such as responsible rural development, conservation, anger management, interpersonal communications, social conflict and more, all wrapped into a surprisingly fun story.

Weaker Than Water Cover

Weaker Than Water

An eclectic collection of original poetry inspired by Katherine's experiences teaching in the Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center.


Approaching Felonias Park

A novel that reveals the sordid underbelly of predatory lending, socioeconomic inequities and abusive relationships, interlaced with magical realism echoing the imagination of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the grit of Rupert Thomson.

Few poetry collections to date can compare! Soft music and an armchair before a fire, a wind-swept hillock in the early autumn breeze - WHEREVER - If you enjoy the privilege of letting your mind wander to far-off places and times, this is a book you will love to read, over and over again! I can not recommend it enough.

-Clinton Foster, about Poems from the Battlefield

What More Readers Say

There is so much to recommend in these poems. They are by turns witty, insightful, gritty, heartfelt, searching, touching, evocative and soaring. The variety of forms and control of language demonstrate attention not only to technical matters, but to concerns of the mind and soul. Katherine speaks with a unique and clear voice, and we are all better for having read her work.
–Dan Verner, Author, about Weaker Than Water

We become companions on Katherine's spiritual journey through her poems. Along the way, she finds a new and different way of looking at daily life. –Carole Keily, Staff Writer and Former Editor, The Anchor, about Weaker Than Water

What a beautiful story and a beautiful book! I bought one for each of my children and they love the pictures and talking about Furbily and how he left his home because the people moved in, how sad he was, and the happy ending (which I won't give away!). When I had my house built years ago, most of the trees on the lot were taken down. I visited the lot the following weekend and saw the most beautiful furry critter, scared, holding onto the tree trunk... its eyes looking at me. I had his home destroyed, I realized. I'll never forget that moment. This book reminded me so much of my own experience; because of the new subdivision moving in, the "Furbily-Furlds" were displaced. This book teaches a valuable lesson to children... and adults, too. I highly recommend it and hope there are more Furbily-Furld books to come! -Amazon Customer about Furbily-Furld Takes on the World

Good tone...the most difficult element to sustain in poetry. It seems to come naturally. –Fr. Joseph Roccasalvo, Ph.D., Author, Mentor, about Weaker Than Water

This first novel by Katherine Gotthardt is a fabulous read. That's because it's the real deal, not just another tiresome presentation of variations on the depraved human condition...Magic is afoot in the storyline, but no more than can occur in all our lives. There's a lot of grit as well. No Pollyanna here. And don't mistake this for just a cautionary tale (much less a fairy tale). Such reductions can't contain Approaching Felonias Park. -Clay Fulghum

The imagery is both vivid and visceral. I haven't had the pleasure of reading poetry in a long time, and several of these resonated deeply. –Stacia D. Kelly, Author of "Reduce You" and Co-author of "9 Months In ~ 9 Months Out," about Weaker Than Water

Read with your child and later explain the more intricate message behind the tale. It is a book of many levels. Well done! -Patricia Daly-Lipe, Author, about Furbily-Furld Takes on the World

Approaching Felonias Park is a compelling, believable and inspiring 'coming of age' narrative about a young woman who gradually shifts her trust from outside 'authority' figures such as employers, parents, boyfriends, to her own authentic core self. She finds meaning and purpose -- experiencing the magic of self-realization. Quick, engrossing and well written. -S. Ann Robinson, Professor

Katherine's fictional portrayal of the real predator high-interest loan system that exists is an important read. It should raise awareness of this continuing problem but Approaching Felonias Park also shows Katherine's writing talent that should not be missed! -CJ Tovarich

Approaching Felonias Park is a kind of economic and social novel noir, the story of Jezabel McPhearson a woman in her twenties who works for a predatory lending agency that exploits the poorest of the poor. She recites the same litany to those who come seeking usurious loans and lives a life of quiet despair. That's one part of this story. The other part involves episodes of magical realism which take place in Felonias Park. I won't say anything about these encounters except to indicate that they provide a key to Jezabel's redemption at the end of the story. -Dan Verner, Author

Battlefields are holy grounds, and Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt's POEMS FROM THE BATTLEFIELD, deftly evokes the thought-provoking emotion that permeated the spirit of those who fought, witnessed, and waited during the first and second Battles of Manassas. (Battles of Bull Run) What the book is not is a dreamy walk through history. One-hundred and fifty years later, Gotthardt captures the fog of war,the fear, the agony and the perpetual consequences of America's most shameful and devastating war. A must-read! -June Forte, Professor

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