We All Might Be Witches

An Illustrated Book of Micropoems

Library of Virginia 2024 Literary Awards Nominee

About the Book

What if the world – and we – were more magical than we assumed? That is the premise of this chapbook of micropoems by award-winning poet and prolific writer Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt.

Inspired by Gotthardt’s adult son, We All Might Be Witches (MacKenzie Publishing, 2023) brings to life vivid imagery, thought provoking line breaks and word economy expressing the mysteries and mysticism of the natural and human worlds.

“My son was long ago diagnosed with conditions on the autism spectrum. These are considered neurodivergences and disabilities," says Gotthardt. "I like to tell him they are his powers. He sees nature, people, society and the universe differently. He delves into science, philosophy, art, lore and creativity. He makes me rethink my approach to daily living. He reminds me we all have something special inside. We all have white magic."

All proceeds from this book benefit nonprofit Gainsville-Haymarket Rotary Club whose foundation and volunteers support youth with ASD and cognitive and/or emotional disabilities at PACE West, a special education program Gotthardt's son attended throughout middle and high school. 

"I am so grateful to the teachers and staff at PACE," says Gotthardt. "They did more for my family than they know. And Gainesville-Haymarket Rotary, by supporting PACE's important programs that encourage students to go beyond what they think is possible, was an important part of my son's success."

Kim B. Miller, PWC Poet Laureate Emerita & Award-Winning Haiku Poet

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt’s poems are like a symphony of imagery. She takes you on a poetic journey. Her pen envelops wisdom and strength.

Linda Sparks, Poet & Author of 26 Books

I absolutely loved this book. It gave me chills, I felt the vibrations and intentions, and above all, I felt the pure magic. If we all are not witches, then reading these micropoems with the precisely powerful words and images that touch the spirit and leave us breathless with tears of recognition in our eyes, we shall surely wish to follow the craft and become goddesses, even for a moment.

Amazon Reviews

"A beautifully written book about finding the beauty and appreciation in the every day mundane and simple things that we so often overlook. A must read, especially if you're lucky enough to know someone on the Autism Spectrum and have had the privilege of getting a glimpse into their world of magic!"

"The author has a way of taking one word and painting an entire canvas of emotion and remembrance. If quiet contemplation is what you need, a walk through Gotthardt’s world is the antidote."

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