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Cloud Cover

Still with eyes closed, wrapped up in blankets

Why (Again) I Will Not Burn the Flag

It begins with, “Don’t you believe in company loyalty?”

Working Order

We clutch a bit now for sleep through the night, choose sharper tipped verbs, phrases, questions of status quo, but are handed cliches

Why I Will Not Burn the Flag – Author’s Note on 4th of July

It’s complicated, really, it began so long ago, while bent over a bin of gourmet ice cream, scooping it out for a customer: “Don’t you believe in company loyalty?” And I had to tell him, no. “I am not loyal to groups,” I said. “I am loyal to people.”

Current Event

he asks me why poetry, especially before coffee


It flies across my bathroom floor, sliver of a creature,

Open Letter

I am here to remind you: Nothing you made was for us.


The complex backstory ends at my short relationship with photosynthesis. I was okay

The Last Thing I Drank Was Clear

The last thing I drank was clear. The number of times I’ve had to repeat this reproduces, every

Philosophy Lesson

My father effused, everything is nothing,
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