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Heritage, v2

I am back to saying out loud, nothing is ever one thing—

Storyline, v2**

Trigger warning. (Suicide, self harm. ) **If you are in crisis or think you might be, PLEASE call or text 988. Or chat at 988lifeline.org. Note: I am not in crisis.
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On Being Human

I keep relearning what it means to be human, to axe the myth
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My understanding of dogs is that they do not make mistakes.
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Vinyl Village

It is no way to start the day, one pent up dog going for the neck of another,
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I am sitting in a folding chair, cheap paper plate dappled with prescriptions, writing on a $400 laptop connected to a hotspot, watching the timer as megabytes run out.
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Last Morning at the Airbnb

They say you can’t go home again. But that is if you don’t have a home,
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I am back to believing nothing is ever one thing— that in itself a contradiction,
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I Used to be a Cheerleader

I used to be a cheerleader. I know. I can hardly believe it myself.
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Eating Disorder

Upon finding an old cemetery Some of these stones are small and unmarked— it must have been a family plot—yet
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