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Massachusetts, Circa 1988 I am thinking about the first time anyone heard the word computer. Was it like when I learned what Windows was? Or how a GPS could magically take me anywhere I wanted without getting lost? No more need to stop in for maps I’d never fold back in their envelopes. Those required …

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Search History

-Katherine Gotthardt This morning and I’m thinking of the wolpertinger, shy but fierce creature of the night. Bavarian, so it sounds exotic.


What I really want is this: to go back to the time on the front lawn, worn blanket on crabgrass and wildflowers, baby dolls and tea sets and nothing, nothing more than ants to worry about.

Elder Care

This morning, the coffee pot looked different, my husband having switched out one gadget for another, far too complicated for such an early hour. And so for a change, I make tea with a satisfying plop of heavy cream, squall of sweetener, one sip reminding me of Mrs. Torpey, and Mrs. McGrievy, and that tall, smiling lady my friend and I visited

For Traci

My dear friend, this morning at 4 I found myself breathing into the fur of my dog’s thick neck and thought, perhaps I’ve been holding too tightly to everything that lives –

Ode to Einstein

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." - Albert Einstein


by Katherine Gotthardt This morning               fifth night in a row of bad sleep               and … finally I know what it means               to be                      TO BE both off                     … and on! Dead                          … and alive! Happy                        … and unhappy!   Shadow … and substance! The speck beneath The machine.    Yet the spark! …

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The way we come back to the world - not as dust.


The star does need the moon to shine.

Not a poem. Just a thought.

If I had to declare a religion, I guess it would be Unitarian. But it's really a mixture of Buddhism, humanism and the universal language of caring deeply.
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