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By Katherine Gotthardt   Mornings, I want to write deeply, delve into the beak of the cardinal by my window, pull his routine song into my poem, make something more beautiful than myself. But it doesn’t happen.   Instead, the day gets swallowed, sits in a full belly where hours and years swell into reminders […]

Imposter Syndrome

Somewhere here, we’ve got the trophy, proof we’re not “one of them.”


Based on the #vss365 writing prompt "waxwork"


Sixteen months in, well, I still work from my basement,

Women of a Certain Age

We women of certain age have seen some things. But we don’t always tell. We tuck lessons learned into our bra and hold them safe til we need them again. Adjust the straps when it gets too tight. Don’t tell us how to start something. Or how to get it done. Don’t tell us we […]


I wrote this piece the day after the attack on the Capitol. May we always overcome, and may we never forget the fragility of peace.


When I remember you, I want you to remember me, not as I am now, but how it used to be, through the narrow opening of time,
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