Katherine’s Coffeehouse

lake, morning, haze


Do not silence your life. Disregard fears of tonsillitis, laryngitis, infection. Sing. Sing what is, what was, what isn’t. Trill your years. Match pitch with decades, tone with seasons. Entice octaves with each drink of ice water, followed by spoons of soup. Sip. Hear how clear your truth sounds? Copyright Katherine M. Gotthardt from Weaker …

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Women there know how to live, flippers and sunshine and sea, scales adapting to sand or saltwater, tawny skinned, smiling, escape nearby whenever mood or tide arises. Meanwhile, somewhere, collapsed at a laptop, stiff-necked skeleton, tie still strangling a calcified sense of self. Skull on keyboard, glasses abandoned, he is visionless, hollow eyed, a man …

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Massachusetts, Circa 1988 I am thinking about the first time anyone heard the word computer. Was it like when I learned what Windows was? Or how a GPS could magically take me anywhere I wanted without getting lost? No more need to stop in for maps I’d never fold back in their envelopes. Those required …

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