D.C. Ekphrastic: Crisis of Faith

Poetry by Katherine Gotthardt based on photography by Ethan Meurlin

About the Book

It’s everything you don’t talk about at the dinner table – religion, politics, love gone wrong. In this eclectic collection of accessible, thought-provoking poetry, award winning poet and author Katherine Gotthardt asks the painful questions that have plagued society for centuries, exposing the doubt surrounding the human experience, doubt often unexpressed. But she makes it personal, skillfully breathing life into persona through the power of astute observation, putting words in the mouth of evocative street photography by Ethan Meurlin. Together, they form the ekphrastic, the timeless practice of creating literary art from the visual.

Meurlin’s photography has been described as “light amidst shadow” and “the place where light and darkness convene…he introduces the gray with the subtlety that is life itself.”

Gotthardt's poetry has been called "profound...urging introspection and self-evaluation, yet uplifting."

D.C. Ekphrastic: Crisis of Faith may leave the reader with more questions than answers, uncovering the kind of uncertainty that necessitates further exploration. But if it is the artist’s job to encourage people to think beyond themselves, Gotthardt and Meurlin have succeeded.

Sales from this book support giving to local communities in need of food, clothing, health and wellness products, educational supplies and other gifts designed to raise quality of life for the disadvantaged. All donations are made directly to the non-profits or through advocates working within the community.

Brian Donnel James, United Nations Award Winning Poet

Katherine Gotthardt’s literary art can best be described as heart moving, lovely…it is both warm and friendly. She instantly connects to the soul and leaves you inspired.

Beat Poet Laureate and publisher James P. Wagner

Katherine Gotthardt is a poet worth reading – powerful, humorous, contemplative, impactful.


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